Medallion consults with employer clients to determine the right criteria to ensure accurate candidate and client match based on skills, interests, and time.

Medallion Professional Placement Works for You

Medallion is your staffing partner in executing the right candidate placements to save time, save money, and save effort for your company. Medallion adheres to all federal, state, and local laws relating to the employment of personnel. We maintain all records of employment, as well as handle all payroll deductions required in the payment of employees.

Medallion maintains a no tolerance substance and drug abuse policy. Employees violating this policy will be terminated.

Professional placement
We ask the right questions.
We listen for required needs.
We deliver.


  • Premier customer service.
  • Gaining a strong understanding of your organization’s needs and work environment with thorough interview of hiring management and human resources.
  • Medallion Placements are fully evaluated and scored to insure they are high quality for each role.


  • Utilizing a personal touch with advanced technologies to match candidate skills and interests to your company’s requirements.
  • Quantifying the critical success factors of a search with the “Medallion Matrix”.


  • Medallion is “always on” and ready to meet your placements needs.
  • Medallion’s thorough process provides a single “Lens” for all parties involved in the hiring process to view the candidates.