Interview questions to ask an executive search firm


Before you hire, ask the right questions.

Executive search firms are an extension of your business. These professionals reach out to candidates on your behalf through the search process. You need to know your search team is capable of attracting talent and representing your organization. Before you hire, use these interview questions to make sure you find the best firm to fill your most important positions.

  Get the questions executive search firms aren’t expecting you to ask.

  Find out how qualified the search firm is and how successful they are at placing talent in positions like yours.

  Learn the common steps executive search firms skips before you’re stuck with a bad hire.

Discover the Questions

For bringing in the best.

See which questions to ask and why. Keep it on hand when you’re talking with firms and take note of how they answer. You want the best candidates, to do that you need the best firm capable of finding those candidates.


Depends on you asking the right questions.

This checklist asks the tough questions. As a guide for choosing a firm, this checklist guards against making the wrong choice.


It’s all the right information, all in one handy place.


Start thinking about what you need in a new leader. As you look for an executive search firm, this checklist will help you prepare for finding a firm who can meet your needs.


You can sort the good firms from the bad and narrow down your search. Armed with the right questions, you’ll be able to easily tell who you can trust with your hiring process.


When you do find a firm with the right answers, you can hire with confidence. Leave the search to a firm to deliver the best results and hire the leader you didn’t think was possible.

Don’t waste time and money on a solution that doesn’t get results.