Strategic Organizational Design

Future-proof your organization or die.

Hiring for now leaves you vulnerable for the future. You want to leave a legacy. We give you the competitive edge.

Strategy Drives Structure

Plan well. Execute better.

As your business builds and develops, you need a clear path for setting the stage for your next big industry-leading idea or major business disruption. Whether you’re uncertain about what comes next, or can’t clearly see the full scope of the opportunities ahead of you, our team will help you create the foundation and structure to reach the full potential that is required. For organizations big and small, change is always impacting business. The ability required to win during significant change is decided by the way we lead our people.

We work with organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.



Medical Device

Consumer Goods





Financial Services


Private Equity

Industrial Engineering

Medical Equipment

…and many, many more.

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and identify essential needs.

We start with your goals and business needs. We’ll ask the tough questions to identify gaps in the organization and focus on your market specification to research, qualify, prioritize and create viable plans for a future-proof business game plan. We conduct a full review of your strategic plan, organizational design, and business requirements in talent. This includes market analysis, competitive review, and organizational valuation.

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with detailed analysis.

Here we challenge and define goals. We dig deep to create a robust analysis of key financial, legal, and operational information. We identify what success means to your organization and perform a 360-degree evaluation of all opportunities and barriers. We work with you to develop short-term and long-term objectives. These goals guide the next steps of the organizational strategy and give us key performance metrics to measure success.

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with the focus on establishing future stability.

We’ll build concrete growth plans focused on the future to drive execution and manage transitions. This is the roadmap for reaching our defined metrics for success. The game plan includes all of the steps we need to take to build the business and prepare for substantial growth. This plan could include change or adoption of key leadership roles, technical talent, or organizational redesign, depending on your specific needs.

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and build the structure based on our strategy.

This process comes down to the successful execution of carefully developed plans and strategies. We coach leadership and offer board oversight to help you make the best decisions to transform your organization. Based on the strategy and metrics defined throughout the consultation process, we help execute all activities necessary for organizational success.

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Everything has to work together to achieve business goals. Structure, tasks, people, it all comes together to build a strong business prepared for growth. We apply our Medallion Matrix to ensure your most important investment, your people, are chosen wisely and ready to thrive.

We’re here to help you be the best organization you can be.

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