We venture far beyond traditional databases to find and meticulously assess the best talent for your role.

World-Class Talent

Traditional search firms rely on aging databases to target active candidates and isolate them to protect other projects. Medallion Partners gives you full access to the best global talent customized for each role based on your unique goals.

How We Do It

Best-fit hiring requires more than resume shuffling. Medallion’s proven S4 process works by matching your hiring goals to company strategy, evaluating candidates with our custom Medallion Matrix, properly transitioning new hires, and ensuring total assimilation with 365-day support.
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Passive vs. Active Talent

Limiting your search to candidates who are actively seeking leadership roles compromises your hiring goals. Medallion seeks out passive candidates — the top talent already contributing in their current roles.

people Candidates
Make up 30% of the
job market
Actively looking for work Candidates come through employment posting Sell employers on their skills, experience, & overall fit for the job Challenging to vet qualifications
people Candidates
Make up 70% of the
job market
Not actively looking for work Sought out by employer or executive search firm Employer must sell them on the employer brand, role & experience Possess required expertise
Group 1954 Candidates
Group 2043 Candidates

Ensure the Right Talent Strategy

The leading reason top candidates refuse a job offer is relocation. Medallion Partners makes it easy for your selected hires to say “yes” with 365-day transition and assimilation support.
Organizational Strategy Services List 2 Candidates
Executive Search Services List 1 Candidates
Leader Assimilation Services List 1 Candidates
Assessments Services List 1 Candidates
Transitions Services List 1 Candidates

What Our Customers Say

Find (And Keep) Diverse Talent

Our qualitative processes, assessments, and Medallion Matrix reduce biased decision making to increase diverse hiring. Strategic assimilation ensures you retain diverse talent with 365-day support.

Group 1739 Candidates


Retention Rate
Group 1740 Candidates


62% of Medallion-placed talent are diverse in gender, race, and ethnicity
Group 1740 Candidates


Medallion DEI placements are 2X the national average

Case Study

Driving Organizational Change Through Strategic Leadership

When a middle market company needed to transform towards a new customer-centric operating model that raised the requirements on their data capabilities they found themselves in need of new key leaders to future-proof their physical and IT infrastructure without losing momentum in a fast-moving market. Medallion Partners collaborated with the executive team to lay out a new organizational structure and placed new leaders in just 90 days.


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Diversity Placements

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