Our Story

From the beginning, we set out to change executive search and business transformation.
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Why Medallion was Founded

In 2006, a group of executives came together after being continually disappointed at the lackluster results of traditional search firms. Together, they formed Medallion Partners to create a unique talent search model built on quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Since then, our unique and innovative approach to business transformation through people has garnered attention from clients and professionals all over the world.

Medallion Through the Years

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations generate billions of dollars in market value with talent and strategy they never knew they needed. More importantly, we’ve been able to impact thousands of careers and lives for the better.

We’ve expanded our own business as well with a coast-to-coast team dedicated to solving the changing needs of modern companies. Through it all, we’ve continued to add innovative services that help businesses accelerate change and support new leaders in their first-year acclimation.

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Medallion Today

Today, we help businesses solve their biggest strategic challenges by focusing on the greatest factor of transformation: people. Whether in digital transformation, innovation, scaling, or cultural development, we help businesses and professionals navigate change with the right strategy, roles, and talent to deliver.

Medallion Moving Forward

Medallion Partners is poised to continue delivering unique and innovative approaches to navigating business transformation. Over the next several years, we plan to lean into organizational strategy, especially in markets where change is most difficult to address.

We are also passionate about forging more partnerships with leading businesses and organizations that empower people to do their best work. Most of all, we’re committed to creating an ecosystem of career management and organizational delivery where people thrive.

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