Transitions and Relocations

Increase offer acceptance with reliable, full-year transition and relocation services.

The Transition Process

Relocation and transition concerns are the top reasons a candidate won’t accept a job. Medallion’s proven transitions process provides new talent with a personal concierge to ensure success in the first year.


Included in all executive search engagements
with a relocation

Pre-hire planning
relocation support
community orientation
permanent integration

Increase offer acceptance

Ensure family acclimation

Reduce unexpected turnover

Why Guided Transition Matters

The total relocation process realistically takes one year. Medallion Transitions reduces new leader stress during relocation so they can focus on professional performance from day one.

Pre-hire Process

Plan Ahead

Planning for relocation is essential — even before offering acceptance. We help candidates address concerns around the move, from home buying to family needs.

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Relocate With Ease

Medallion Partners works with your selected relocation service company to support a physical move. New hires receive a dedicated valet to assist with everything outside your moving provider’s scope, including real estate, healthcare providers, and hobbies.

New Job + New Location

Whole Family Support

As leaders settle into their new role and location, a dedicated Transitions Manager offers ongoing support for the entire family’s needs, including identifying schools, healthcare, and even extracurriculars.

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Acclimate + Thrive

Plant Roots in the Community

With initial relocation and transition considerations taken care of, new hires have the support network and resources to plant roots in their new role and surroundings. Medallion offers the connections to support career and personal development for the new hire and accompanying family.

Transition Services

Our Transition and Relocation Services

Medallion provides a one-year transition program for newly hired leaders to relocate their families and assimilate with confidence. All transition services are complimentary to executive search.

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365-day support for relocation success

Group 2002 Executive Transitions
the true relocation process takes one year
Group 2003 Executive Transitions
Market Data +
Market Tours Answer ‘Life’ Obstacles
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Health Service
  • Partner
Career Needs
  • Family Needs
  • Health Services
Medalion 365 Transition Team
Move from previous location

Traditional company relocation package

Sell Home Pack Up Household Move Out Purchase New Home Move Into New Home Mortgage New Home
Medallion Partners works with the relocation service company to support the physical move.
landed new job & Moving into new location
Ongoing Support for Partner’s Transition
  • Create Professional Networking Opportunities
Career Needs
  • School System
  • Church
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness
Medalion 365 Transition Team
landed new job & Moving into new location
Assist with Family Activities
  • Social Clubs
  • Lessons
  • Extracurriculars
Build New Friendships Lifestyle Improvement
  • Home Renovations
  • Car Upgrade
  • Memberships
Non-Home Services
  • Car Services
  • Charities
  • Legal Services / Taxes
Professional network connections to support career development for new hires and their partner
Medalion 365 Transition Team
leader assimilation = true 365-day support for complete transition success

medallion supports your new leader’s human experience & wellness in their new location with EXECUTIVE transitions

What Our Customers Say

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Make transition easy and seamless for your newest leaders.

Case Study

How Medallion Partners Used Year-Long Transition Services to Lure Elite Talent from a Fortune 10 Contender

A multi-billion dollar, publically traded company found itself in a competitive battle with a Fortune 10 company to secure a highly sought-after business leader. Medallion Partner offered customized care and a yearlong transition concierge, which made the transition friction-free for the candidate. Because of the ease of the move, the leader confidently accepted an offer from our client instead of the prestigious Fortune 10 opportunity, fostering loyalty and enhancing their market reputation.


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