The Medallion Matrix

Objectively evaluate talent through our custom candidate scoring matrix.

What is the Medallion Matrix?

The Medallion Matrix is a custom and quantitative assessment of candidates that is meant to reduce bias and ensure an objective hire for exactly what you need. Through our search process, we identify uniquely qualified candidates and conduct hours of rigorous interviews to evaluate and score talent on their technical skills and beyond.

Candidates Medallion Matrix

Our Guaranteed Method For Winning Top Talent

The Medallion Matrix applies a set unique criteria to assess candidates across the most important aspects of the role. We then deliver the most exceptional candidates with insight on their evaluation.



Business Need

Organizational outcomes based on strategy, structure, & work value stream.

Profile & Market Data

Job description, total reward, cultural needs, diversity, “presence”

process definition

Timing, decision-makers, interview schedule, hire date, tools to deploy to attract


research & sourCe

Scour markets of interest to engage live pools of talent

market & secure talent

Carrer engagements: promote your mission, works, leadership, company

evaluate & score talent

Evaluate talent execution, cultural fit, & hire-ability; motivation

present findings

Live market data, intelligence, appropriate candidates, data

manage interview plan

Process to deliver decision-maker needs & candidate experience

prioritize & select

Facilitate, inform, & deliver conviction of priority hire


Hogan assessment

Analyze the relationship between personality assessment & occupational performance

predict assimilation

Final candidate(s) review to inform assimilation with team

reference check

Final candidate(s) reference & background checks to validate data

offer management

Format reward offer delivered complete with a 365-day plan


acceptance & resignation

Confirm commitment & support major change away from current

succeed plan

Company plan to ensure the new hire is successful in a new environment

365 assimilation

One-year commitment to professional & team success-coach, DISC + 5 B’s

365 transitions

One-year commitment to personal transition & relocation success

medallion matrix

Example Criteria

The Medallion Matrix evaluates candidates using a different set of criteria based on the role, industry, and hiring goals. Evaluation categories range from background and business acumen to strategic thinking and long-term capacity.

Operational Excellence
Organizational Design & Development
Stakeholder Management
Business Development
Financial Acumen
Leadership/ Cultural Fit
Strategic Thinking
Executive Communication
Leadership Through Influence
Change Management
Executing for Results
Long-term Capacity
Activity in the Market
Personal Dynamics


scoring standard for all candidates


Unique criteria for analyzing talent
Layer 1 2 Medallion Matrix


Segments of Evaluation:
execution, leadership/cultural fit, and hireability

Medallion Matrix

How We Evaluate Candidates

Medallion objectively scores each candidate on a scale of 1-5 across three segments and up to 16 criteria, resulting in the most accurate selection of highly qualified candidates.

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