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In a talent-driven economy, the journey to organizational success is not “one size fits all.” That’s why companies trust our assortment of advisory services to deliver bottom-line results.

Medallion’s Executive Search Program Includes:

Real-Time Access To a Diverse, global talent pool
deep knowledge across functions & industries
proven process for sourcing and evaluating talent
innovative process for securing top talent
complimentary 1-year transitions program
custom post-hire success plan

Executive Search

Traditional executive search is slow, antiquated, expensive, and lacks diversity. Medallion Partners’ innovative process combines a deep understanding of client business strategy with immediate access to the best talent globally. With a focus on the candidate’s personal transition and team assimilation, Medallion ensures the most diverse, engaged, and powerful organizations.

Organizational Strategy

Transformation takes time and expertise. We help you identify gaps, set goals, and define the roles that will make all the difference in your organizational success.

Digital Transformation
Customer acquisition, user experience,
data utilization, information security
Innovation Transformation
Novel technologies, unlock markets, new segments, method creation
Scaling transformation
product, channel, geographic expansion, capital investment
leadership transformation
product, channel, geographic expansion, capital investment
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Included in all Executive Search Engagements
Post-hire success plan
Leader Assimilation Services
post-hire seccess plan
new leader coaching
team retreat
development & performance management pro
end-of-year progress assessment

Leader Assimilation

When you hire a new leader, you can’t afford a rough start or team dysfunction. Trust, commitment, and good conflict are necessary to unlock their full potential. From team assessments to individual coaching to team retreats, our customized assimilation programs for leaders and teams maximize your return on investment.

Talent Assessments

Harness the science of personality to assess your new leader’s potential and ensure their alignment with your needs. From pre-hire to onboarding to full team development, we’re certified to help you take the guesswork out of understanding executives’ strengths, challenges, and values.

Included in all Executive Search Engagements
ensure alignment in the hiring process
inform onboarding plan
strengthen team development
foster high-potential talent development


Included in all executive search engagements
with a relocation

Pre-hire planning
relocation support
community orientation
permanent integration

Leader Transition
and Relocation

Our 365-day support helps you remove barriers to offer acceptance. While your relocation package may accomplish the move itself, it takes a full year for new leaders to fully acclimate and put down roots. We provide a personal guide for families with spouse transition support as their new surroundings slowly become home.

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The Numbers Speak for Themselves


Days to Hire


Retention Rate after 2 years


Diverse Hires

Talent That Delivers

World-class talent doesn’t come from a database of resumes. We work to fully understand your needs and goals and fit your organization with the best leader for the job. With global access to the most qualified, passive candidates, we deliver top talent, successful teams, and company transformation.

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Case Study

Driving Organizational Change Through Strategic Leadership

When a middle market company needed to transform towards a new customer-centric operating model that raised the requirements on their data capabilities they found themselves in need of new key leaders to future-proof their physical and IT infrastructure without losing momentum in a fast-moving market. Medallion Partners collaborated with the executive team to lay out a new organizational structure and placed new leaders in just 90 days.


New Strategic Leaders


Business Functions


Days to Hire


Diversity Placements

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