Medallion New Hire Assessments

Objectively identify the best talent and understand how to best support them.

Assessments Inform the Right Fit

Medallion assessment practices combine decades of consulting expertise with objective data to help you arrive at the best fit for your need. Use validated, proven evaluations before and/or after hire to help you overcome bias, ensure team alignment, and accelerate assimilation.”
Executive Search Process
Path 6542 Executive Assessments
Two hireable
Group 1976 Executive Assessments
tabket circle Executive Assessments
Ensure Alignment
Path 6542 2 Executive Assessments
Personality & Interpersonal Style
Motivators & Values
qualities of participants
Talent strengths, challenges, performance risks, and underlying motivators and values
personality of participants
How characteristics of leaders & managers may influence their leadership effectiveness

Pre-Hire Assessments

Pre-hire assessments provide reliable data to help you make swifter hiring decisions. Use the Medallion Matrix and Hogan Flash Report — a graphical depiction of the candidate’s personality, development, and motives — for objective, data-backed consideration.

Path 6087 Executive Assessments
Objectively identify top talent
hr Executive Assessments
Reduce bias
agreement Executive Assessments
Make faster hiring decisions
Ensure team alignment
Group 1689 Executive Assessments
Accelerate assimilation
Layer 3 Executive Assessments
Assess transition progress
gear Executive Assessments

Post-Hire Assessments

Post-hire assessments inform the assimilation process and ensure alignment by revealing candidates’ strengths, needs, and motives. The Hogan assessment and supporting activities provide actionable data to create goals and strategies you can execute through the Medallion Assimilation program.

Team Assessments

Medallion offers team and standalone assessments to help you identify and enable differing personalities for joint success. A customized Hogan Team report, debrief, and facilitation exercises help teams identify strengths and weaknesses, shared culture and values, and potential team fracture lines.

united 1 Executive Assessments
Build team cohesiveness
XMLID 1469 Executive Assessments
Increase personality awareness
padlock Executive Assessments
Predict potential team threats

Hogan assessment solutions

harness the science of personality to predict performance

the bright
measures how people behave in their day-to-day lives when they’re at their best
the dark
behaviors that adverse y affect performance under stress & pressure
the inside measure core values, goals & interests that determine job satisfaction & organizational alignment
Layer 1 Executive Assessments
Hogan Certified Practice

Assessments Tailored
To Your Needs

Medallion assessments evaluate what’s most important to you so your subsequent decisions result in success.

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When a middle market company needed to transform towards a new customer-centric operating model that raised the requirements on their data capabilities they found themselves in need of new key leaders to future-proof their physical and IT infrastructure without losing momentum in a fast-moving market. Medallion Partners collaborated with the executive team to lay out a new organizational structure and placed new leaders in just 90 days.


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