Transitioning to a Customer-Centric Operating Model Through Strategic Leadership

Learn how this financial services group transformed their operating model from fragmented and disjointed into a high-tech, customer-centric organization through 12 new strategic leaders.

“I would never have imagined we could accomplish this much in such a short period of time. Medallion’s counsel and execution have truly transformed the future of our organization.

We have never seen this level of commitment to serving our needs.”

Chief Information Officer


In the midst of a fast-paced market, a $3 billion financial services company found itself struggling to quickly capture demand and provide greater shareholder value. Being built through acquisitions, the company had multiple product-based business divisions, was nearing 4,000 employees, and had an aging technology infrastructure creating a disjointed business model.

Their vision featured transformation toward a new customer-centric operating model making greater use of data capabilities, in turn, capturing demand, providing efficient business operations, and future-proofing their physical and IT infrastructure. Their timeline for this large-scale transformation? 90 days.


Medallion Partners collaborated with the client’s executive team to layout a new organizational design and a plan to execute over a dozen concurrent, national searches across 5 different functions at the leadership level. Additionally, Medallion provided a 365-day program to successfully relocate and assimilate new leaders in their environment.

Medallion Partners, in seamless collaboration with their internal Talent Acquisition team, moved to identify, evaluate, and secure leaders from across the country with a specific aptitudes for diving positive culture, building demand generation through data insights, cloud-based IT infrastructure, and strategic business delivery.

Tools and Tactics

Global Leadership & Market Data
Real-time market access from real-world business leaders.
Medallion Matrix
Evaluate and score talent based on the criteria required for success.
Executive Transitions
365-day support for relocation success. 
Leader Assimilation
365-day plan for full leader and team assimilation.



New Strategic Leaders




Diversity Placements


As a result, the client was able to announce a new operating model to the market with newly-installed capabilities and cost savings in short- and long-term operations with faster speed of delivery and high-performing leadership teams.

Path 5436 Transitioning to a Customer-Centric Operating Model Through Strategic Leadership