As we celebrate 15 years of service, we guarantee your success.

Talent acquisition keys to success

As we celebrate 15 years of service, we guarantee your success.









For 15 years, Medallion has been on a mission to serve people in their businesses and careers. We set out to change how executive search approached the human condition- solving for the personal and professional livelihood of both the hiring leader and the seeking executive. We created a model far beyond industry “recruiting.” We’ve built out a suite of exclusive services to guarantee success.

    • Medallion Matrix- Providing in-depth analysis of each candidate measured across key traits critical for success in your company. Custom built for each project with unique criteria to provide data on the current market in real-time
    • 365Assimilation– Guaranteeing the success of newly formed teams. An unparalleled menu of leadership integration services. Ensuring organizations unlock the full potential of their most critical teams.
    • 365Transitions– Holistic personal assistance for every leader’s first-year post-hire. It’s critical to the human experience to focus on personal and family wellness support. At the same time the candidate charges into a new professional adventure, they’ll need specific connections to certain neighborhoods, private schools, healthcare specialists, rec league sports for the kids, etc. We help them find the right fit for their professional and personal lives.
    • CareerTruth- Our methodology for confidential career planning for executives. You are creating a practical strategic plan to raise your mastery, gain the freedom to be your best self, and build a lasting legacy.
    • Hogan Certified Assessment– Certified in delivering deeper insight about your current and future talent. By combining proven science and human wisdom, we understand the nuance of unique personalities in leadership, how to eliminate bias, and how to predict assimilation.


Transforming Careers, Companies, and Industries

These methods were born out of our mission to serve every customer and candidate with the human approach they deserve. With each engagement, we want to become the most personal executive search firm in an industry that is too focused on “whom you know,” candidate databases, and hiring bias. We’re proud to showcase that our approach is transforming careers, companies, and industries.


    • We engage in career conversations with more than 3,000 leaders across every business function each year.
    • We place diverse talent at 2X the national average.
    • We serve clients and executives across five continents, from public and private entities.
    • Over 15 years, we’ve honed expertise across life science, medical devices, consumer goods, financial services, agriculture, and SaaS industries.


World Class Team Built To Serve

We’ve raised the bar with an incredible team of people dedicated to providing the best solutions to the most critical challenges of our markets. Each day they continue to integrate the service of others into the fabric of Medallion Partners through partnerships with non-profits, team services projects, and the daily support of each other in personal and professional challenges. We’ve had the pleasure of giving back to the underserved, reminding us of the beauty in the human experience spread across the communities we serve. Our culture and teams have become defined by our service, persistence, accountability, and ability to solve no matter the challenge.


The Future is Bright

Moving forward, we will continue to innovate, expand, and serve. We are continuously trying to develop new ways to ensure the success of our hiring leaders and talent. The future of Medallion will involve further investment into building a world-class team, leveraging progressive technologies to disrupt the space, and expanding our portfolio of customized services for leaders looking to advance their businesses and career. World-class companies are coming to us with their most complex challenges in talent, and we’re thrilled to solve them head-on. Our future growth will allow us to create unique solutions to greater degrees with the highest quality.


 Today, we celebrate our 15th anniversary and thank every individual who makes us better each day. We continue to learn and expand in the most important business ever – PEOPLE. 


Here to serve,






Tom Bratton

CEO Medallion Partners