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Realize your full potential with our proven methodology for career growth.

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We empower leaders to maximize their worth through strategic investments of time and effort, elevating market value and personal success.

Medallion Partners’ model of success was developed from over 15 years of experience and thousands of consultative conversations with executives across the globe – and all industries.

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Driving Executive Development to Meet Your Needs

Four unique processes you can select which utilize the CareerTruth® methodology and growth coaching.

Executives in Transition

Need: A new role.


  • Full market understanding
  • Accelerate professional story
  • Access career lane targets

Rethinking My Career

Need: Learn market possibilities.


  • Skills & competencies valuation
  • Define purpose and goals
  • Market research & access

Level Up Professionally

Need: Invest in my development.


  • Competitive & gap analysis
  • Holistic development plan
  • Personal innovation process

Professional Presence

Need: Extend my personal impact.


  • Define vision of success
  • Accelerate professional story
  • Target organizations to serve
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A Proven Method For Success

Our renowned CareerTruth® methodology – in addition to Medallion’s unique understanding of the live market – will maximize potential in the next stage of your career.

CareerTruth® was designed by Medallion founder Tom Bratton to help leaders understand how their career and life evolve over time, leading them to pursue their life’s purpose in accordance with the things that matter most to them.

Aligning the People and Process to Deliver Transformational Growth

Surrounding you with the team, platform, and process to create meaningful development for you.

This individual serves as your quarterback through the program to reach your goals, enhance leadership skills, navigate challenges, and more – ultimately facilitating your professional advancement and personal development.

The Career Tools Specialist will organize and optimize the assets that represent you in the market, including your resume, LinkedIn presence, interview strategy and tactics, and more.

As Hogan Assessments are included in each program path, a dedicated assessment expert will take the time to review your strengths and weaknesses as a person and a professional.

Medallion Partners will lend its staff of recruiting experts to provide insight on the ever-changing market, offering live perspectives of where you stand alongside competitive and gap analyses as well as job search strategy.

The Talent Experience Guide will handle onboarding and support, helping you identify the optimal path for you to pursue within the process, recommend a Career Growth Coach, and serve as concierge as part of the program.

Start Maximizing Your Career.

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