The most important acquisitions are the people who build the business.

05 Jun The most important acquisitions are the people who build the business.

Finding a name is not hard in today’s socially networked and internet-connected world. The old days of recruiting by having the best database or the expertise in a specific market have gone the way of the rotary dial telephone. To win the war for today’s best talent, the best Talent Acquisition practitioners must consider every role as a specific research project according to the business and cultural requirements. Medallion Partner’s extensive industry and consulting expertise provide the networks and evaluation capability to identify accurate pools of talent correctly. We offer this premier service in a highly efficient methodology.

Imagine treating each talent acquisition with the diligence required to acquire a company or product. Medallion’s executive search team knows the most important acquisitions are the people to build the business. The importance of great talent is why our process is more thorough and accurate than any “resume passing” recruiting firm or “database mining” executive search firm. Medallion will provide extensive market data and research to ensure we have appropriately met our client’s business needs with the right talent pool. Medallion targets specific pools, including competitors, tangential markets, and industries with similar competencies. We are creative, persistent, and clandestine to protect our client’s brand and provide a broad perspective that delivers the best talent to meet our client’s business needs. The Medallion Matrix allows us to properly assess and score the competencies, skills, and cultural fit across a wide range of markets.

Do not ask Medallion to work on your Talent Acquisition project unless you are ready to hire the best.
We are ready to deliver.

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