Trouble is Solved through Humans

Trouble is Solved through Humans

Indiana Global Economic Summit 2o22 

Our global economy will grow through the next several years and decades.  While limited at times due to global troubles, we always solve to grow.  The world population was 2 billion people in 1900, is around 7.9B today and will be 9B+ in 2050.  Our world and its industries have seen incredible trouble, yet growth persists.  We are called to grow, always.   

 This week, Medallion Partners is attending the Indiana Global Economic Summit, hosted in Indianapolis around the largest single day sporting event in the world – the Indianapolis 500.  This event has seen trouble since its first running on May 30, 1911. The “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” spawned out of an idea by a business leader to build a testing site for a breakthrough new technology that would change the world – automobiles.  In those days, they worried little about losing what they had; they only saw growth.  It is quite clear we have seen the worst of troubles since that first race and grown like no other time in history.   

Leaders from around the globe in industry, governments and academia will attend to discuss major global issues and opportunities, including: 

  • Feeding the World 
  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Sustainable Energy 
  • Geopolitical Consequences 
  • Digital Health Solutions 
  • The Evolution of Talent

When participating in these types of events, you notice a few major themes.   

There is always trouble.
There are always solutions.
All is solved through HUMANS.   


In our work at Medallion Partners, we lead projects to secure elite talent for our clients through executive search. Just as important, we start with landscaping strategies that result in structure changes to meet unique needs.  In serving global businesses across life sciences, medical device, advanced manufacturing, consumer products, financial services, SaaS, nonprofits, NGOs, and more, we work in all areas of growth.  All solutions stem from recognition of what is possible by humans.  

Medallion starts with the need for growth and solves for the trouble.  Whether you’re based in Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Turkey, California, or Indiana, the best businesses have three practices to solve with their people first: 

1 – Doing Nothing Is Death 
  • Holding on to a method or model too long is where many organizations and communities have seen the most harm and inability to recover.  I am sure the candle makers and carriage drivers were the first in line to complain about the new bright glass and those four wheeled machines that raced in 1911.     
  • Currently we are serving a multi-billion dollar medical device company who love their history and culture, and also recognized the need to become more technology-forward in their approach that would change their culture substantially. The leadership adopted a truly innovative mindset to change that allowed their prior success to not limit their better potential.  They have continued to hire dozens of amazingly unique leaders from all types of geographies and moved many to their HQ in the US Midwest.  Serving this client by challenging them to embrace the trouble and take risk to augment their culture has been very rewarding for all.   


2 – Allow For The Outside to Come In 
  • So many companies forget to participate in the broader market.  Medallion Partners helps companies meet non-traditional participants in their future economy.  People from Google meeting people from a Life Science company.  People from Visa meeting people from an Animal Health company.  People from Pepsi meeting people from a Financial Services company.   Sharing ideas for diverse thinking on core business topics unveils a future trouble or solution not seen looking through the existing lens. 
  • Medallion leads introductions to CEO’s and boards who are unsure of how to move through substantial troubles where they are committed to a strategy that seems like handcuffs to required change.  Recently, Medallion guided a CEO who made major acquisitions to reinvigorate innovation on a more lean budget, accelerating returns to lower debt.  This activity set is common the last few years of cheap money.  The model to accelerate innovation in a digital global marketplace and take more precise risk has been modeled in several industries that can be shared easily to more legacy industries needing to learn a new way. 


 3 – Stop Fighting Against People’s Uniqueness 
  • Each person has a multi-faceted career “arc” that evolves over time; leaders need to appreciate the full human to create a multiplier effect for the company. No matter the geography, too often companies try to conform the human to the job they need.   The best companies we serve globally want to provide people great opportunities solve the trouble and take risk.   
  • In developing or hiring elite talent, the best results come from companies that set the unique talent up for early success and collaborate with the talent to solve more important challenges and growth needs.   The alignment to mission, values, and ability to enhance the culture are more important than taking safe bets on the person who has the same resume features and titles.   At Medallion Partners, we use our proprietary Medallion Matrix to evaluate talent quantitatively for their execution, cultural, and leadership potential within that specific organization.   This allows the company to hire diversity at a much higher rate because it is about the individual, not a limited legacy view for safety.  


In good times and in bad, we must maintain our growth mindset.  Can you imagine if those early Hoosiers would have been deterred from pursing innovation at the Indy 500 in 1911 because of the risks of war, disease, or economic slowdown?   They solved those risks by knowing their team could persist through the trouble to the growth.  

At Medallion, we love to solve for the trouble with our clients.  We love to solve with Humans. 

We’re here to serve.