5 Expert Insights on Finding a New Executive from Boutique Recruiters

expert tips on executive hires from boutique recruiters

At Medallion Partners, we’re more than just a team of expert boutique recruiters; we’re a well-oiled machine on a mission. We followed our own search processes to build the best team we could. Our shared purpose? To find exceptional individuals who will drive organizational excellence for our clients. We’re a diverse bunch, each with our unique strengths and specializations, but what unites us is the unwavering commitment to solving the most challenging talent puzzles.

Our collective journey has been marked by successes and lessons, each molding us into the experts we are today. Some insights we gleaned from capitalizing on our strengths, while others were hard-won from navigating our weaknesses. It’s a process familiar to any organization: you either win or you learn.

I spoke with other top leaders at Medallion Partners to gather five invaluable insights drawn from our extensive experience as boutique recruiters.

These lessons offer a glimpse into the beating heart of our team and the driving force behind our passion for matching the best individuals with the best companies. If you’re looking for an executive search partner, we’d love to talk with you. If you’re trying to find an executive independently, we hope these insights will empower you along the way.

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Expert Insights from Boutique Recruiters on Hiring Executive Leaders:

Tom Bratton, Founder and CEO:

Challenging candidates early in the hiring process might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a tactic I’ve found invaluable. It’s like applying pressure to a diamond – it either crumbles under the strain or emerges stronger and more resilient. When you challenge candidates, you gain insights into their problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and how they handle adversity. You also figure out quickly what is really important to them.

Intentional conflict can be an invaluable tool for assessing their fit for your organization’s unique challenges. Embracing conflict isn’t just about encouraging debates; it’s an efficient pathway to shared excellence. 

Michael Morgan, Managing Director:

Building a high-performing team isn’t just about putting together a roster of dream-team talent; it’s about harnessing each member’s diverse strengths and motivations. Think of your team as the result of meticulous scouting, drafting, and strategic trade moves in the front office of a sports franchise. Each player is chosen not only for their individual skills but also for how they complement the team’s overall purpose.

Your role as a leader in hiring is akin to that of the team’s architect, ensuring that every member fits into the larger game plan and contributes to the team’s success. Your responsibilities then shift to that of a coach, guiding and motivating your team to excel individually and, as a result, achieve remarkable collective results. 

Abby Marshaus, Vice President of Operational Delivery:

You have to move beyond gut instincts and personal preferences when evaluating candidates. I’ve seen leaders have to learn this the hard way; sometimes, someone they clicked with across the interview table turned out to be a poor fit for the role. As a systems, processes, and data-driven person, I really lean on objective ways to measure the capabilities and qualities a candidate possesses.

We have a proven process using something called The Medallion Matrix, but you could think of your own way to compare candidates. This tool has been a game-changer for us, transforming what used to be a subjective process into an objective and data-driven one. It enables us to assess not only a candidate’s skills but also their potential and alignment with your needs. Thankfully, this approach consistently delivers results that exceed expectations.

Henry Clark, Vice President of Talent Delivery:

Spotting red flags in a candidate isn’t about skepticism or finding fault; it’s about safeguarding your organization’s future. A single weak link can compromise the effectiveness of your team. My advice? Trust your instincts, and don’t overlook potential warning signs. Addressing these concerns early in the selection process can save you from making costly hiring mistakes down the road.

Scott Himes, Principal:

Effective candidate assessment isn’t just about following a checklist; it’s an art that combines intuition, empathy, and data. I’ve honed my skills by understanding that behind every resume is a unique story of triumphs and challenges. My strength lies in intuitively grasping what makes a great leader tick. I can spot potential leaders who may not have all the buzzwords but possess the innate qualities to inspire and excel.

My role isn’t just to find talent; it’s about identifying those who will foster and energize organizational transformation, even if they don’t fit the standard mold. The power of remembering details about people cannot be overstated. It’s not just about making candidates feel valued; it’s a strategic advantage. By genuinely getting to know individuals, you uncover what motivates them, their potential strengths, and potential pitfalls. People open up when they feel genuinely heard, and that’s where trust and meaningful evaluation begin.

In the search for your next leader, the difference between success and struggle often comes down to a single choice – partnering with experts who bring a wealth of insights and experience to the table.

You can either embark on this complex process alone, learning from each misstep along the way, or you can lean on the expert knowledge we’ve gained over time.

Our insights aren’t just wisdom; they result from our journey. We’ve learned how to challenge candidates, build high-performing teams, objectively assess capabilities, spot red flags, and deeply understand the talent we place.

Choosing us as your executive search partner means more than outsourcing a task; it means investing in a faster, more efficient, and more effective way to secure the right leaders. 

We’ve refined the art of executive search to save you time, resources, and headaches.

When we team up, you won’t go it alone. We bring decades of experience to the table, using our hard-earned knowledge to help you dodge expensive hiring blunders.

We’d love to schedule a call to discuss your goals and challenges and what you’re hoping for in your next leadership hire. We’ll listen and help you make a plan.


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