The “War for Talent” is here. Is your brand positioned to win?

MEdallion Partners 3 The “War for Talent” is here. Is your brand positioned to win?

05 Jun The “War for Talent” is here. Is your brand positioned to win?

Medallion aggressively ventures into companies to find the best talent in the market and introduces our client’s brand essence. Most Medallion clients want to be described as Innovative, Customer Centric, Analytical, Progressive, Creative, Flexible, Global, Entrepreneurial, and Growth oriented.

Before we ever disclose the name of our client, often due to the uniqueness of the project we are working on, we describe the brand essence. Medallion takes on our client’s brand essence.

To get the best “passive” talent, Medallion markets this essence to candidates unaware of our client’s roles or the value of our client’s mission. Remember, the best talent is already happy and focused on winning in their current role. Now imagine being recruited into a Talent Acquisition process that is bureaucratic, indecisive, elongated, and works like a government entity. Often, recruiters tailor recruiting strategies to active job seekers who apply to jobs, not “happy passives” who need to be courted.
Medallion Partners ensures that the process of acquiring talent mirrors the innovation process. We want to provide the analytical detail and creative view that allows our hiring teams to be convicted and decisive. Medallion knows that securing the best “passive” talent requires preparation and focus by the hiring team. We take on this burden and ensure our hiring teams are ready to act in a manner consistent with the company’s best brand position.
Medallion protects our client employment brand like a treasure. Our clients get candid feedback, and we objectively share “best practices” to ensure they can win the war for talent. Like any innovation process or critical acquisition, we want to bring the ideas that deliver the best results.

In the war for talent, Medallion wants to ensure our clients understand whom they employ and whom they need for the future. We want clients to understand what is available from the markets they know and don’t know and the competition in the war for talent. Your talent acquisition partner must have global business leadership experience in various markets to do this well.
Medallion’s broad industry experience and global network connections provide the ability to assess the current and future business requirements while uniquely accessing target talent to meet those requirements. Medallion treats each search as a talent acquisition project focusing on measureable outcomes in the Medallion Matrix scoring tool. No acquisition is more important than the people who drive the business. Medallion is the premier Talent Acquisition organization because we know people will determine who wins. Medallion is a competitive advantage.

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