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Executive recruiting and organizational strategy services in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding areas in Northern Kentucky. Louisville Medallion Partners also provides leadership assimilation, talent transition, and specialized talent acquisition services.

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Our Louisville executive recruiting team is dedicated to helping you fill executive and specialized jobs with the best applicants. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’ll deploy innovative and effective acquisition strategies to ensure the job gets done right.

We provide executive search, organizational strategy, specialized talent acquisition, talent transition, and leadership assimilation services to businesses in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding areas in Northern Kentucky.

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Medallion Partners is an organizational advisory firm specializing in executive search. We build diverse, engaged, and powerful organizations that deliver bottom-line growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Companies Use Executive Search?

Hiring executives requires a more complex screening process and often isn’t as easy as just putting up a job posting like other positions. Our executive search team at Medallion has access to a diverse, global talent pool to make that search easier while deploying comprehensive screening processes that bring the best talent to the table. 

How Long Does the Average Executive Search Take?

The average executive search will take between 3 to 6 months. That said, it’s usually recommended to plan for it to take up to 1 year. Once our Louisville talent acquisition team gets to know your organization’s needs, we can provide you with a better estimate of how long it might take to fill your executive roles. 

How Do Executive Recruiters Find the Best Candidates?

Executive recruiters deploy a comprehensive process to find the best candidates for your needs. Our team at Medallion will learn about your company to better understand your organizational culture and the skills you’re seeking. Then, we’ll deploy pre-interview screening processes and data management systems to ensure the right talent is chosen. 

What Is the Difference Between a Recruiter and an Executive Recruiter?

The primary difference is the level of talent each is bringing in. The typical recruiter will be focused on hiring for junior to mid-level positions. Executive recruiters are focused on leadership or specialized roles like CFOs, VPs, or product developers. Executive roles require a more extensive analysis to ensure the right talent is chosen for a company’s needs. 

Insights on Executive Search

Sharing learnings from the experienced staff at Medallion Partners, utilizing our relationship-first approach to talent acquisition.