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michael morgan managing director executive search firm medallion partners indianapolis
abby marshaus boutique executive search firm indianapolis
scott himes executive recruiter indianapolis indiana

Michael Morgan

Managing Director

Michael Morgan has worked for billion-dollar multinationals, as a startup CEO/Founder, and now guides executives through large-scale change, either in developing their companies or in their personal careers. As Managing Director of Medallion Partners, a boutique organizational strategy & executive search firm, he leads the delivery of executive search and organizational strategy that help solve the toughest challenges in talent.

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Abby Marshaus

VP Operational Delivery

Abby Marshaus is known for optimizing operations and driving organizational growth. With an MBA and strategic acumen, Abby excels at crafting and executing cross-functional operational frameworks. Her expertise spans organizational development, talent acquisition from board to senior executive leadership levels, career management, and fostering innovation through connection. Abby is Hogan-certified with a track record of delivering impactful results.

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Scott Himes


Scott Himes has over 20 years of expertise spanning the business and nonprofit sectors, and seamlessly combines his technical and analytical mindset with empathetic leadership development. He excels in guiding executives, teams, and transitioning professionals through strategic talent, career, and growth with a focus on overcoming challenges and barriers. His role encompasses organizational strategy, team excellence, and executive search.

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