What are the Steps of Medallion Partners’ Process for Executive Search?

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Our Most Asked Questions series will familiarize you with Medallion Partners and clarify anything you might be wondering for your complimentary consultation, deciding to work with us, and kicking off our partnership.

We knowing starting the search for your next leader is a significant investment of your organization’s resources—both time and money—we are committed to making the process as clear and efficient as possible. Our goal is to identify the best talent without creating unnecessary burden or additional work for your organization, ensuring a streamlined and effective search experience.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of Our Process

Gaining a Deep Understanding Your Organization’s Needs

We conduct an in-depth look into your organizational culture, values, and long-term strategy and objectives to identify the qualities and competencies your ideal candidates should possess.

Aligning Expectations and Requirements

We align our findings with your expectations and specific goals for the executive role, ensuring a clear and concise profile of the ideal candidate is established. We establish a custom Medallion Matrix for your future leader, establishing an objective measure.

Identifying the Highest-Caliber Executive Talent

Leveraging our industry experience and extensive networks, we conduct a thorough market analysis to uncover the very best candidates who can transform your organization and achieve your objectives. We setup a slate of initial interviews and screen out any candidate who doesn’t meet our rigorous expectations that the final candidate aligns closely with your company’s culture and long-term goals.

In-depth Behavioral Interviews and Assessments

After we conduct these interviews, we’ll prepare a presentation of the top talent available to your organization in the market. We’ll present our expert analysis and insightful information about each candidate’s capabilities and leadership traits, ensuring they complement and enhance your organization’s dynamics. We welcome your hiring manager’s feedback and will set up the next round of interviews with your top picks. If we didn’t quite hit the mark or you would like to see more candidates, we’ll go back and conduct another in-depth search of the market. We don’t stop looking until you’re satisfied.

Consultation on Offer Preparation

Once you’ve identified the top candidate, we provide consultation on offer preparation, ensuring that the offer is competitive and aligns with both your organization’s budget and the candidate’s expectations and motivations.

Offer Presentation to the Candidate

We present the offer to the candidate on your behalf, emphasizing the strengths of this exciting opportunity and addressing any questions or concerns they may have. We continue to listen to their feedback, both what is asked and said and what is not. We use this information to help in negotiations.

Offer Negotiation

If necessary, we assist in negotiating the offer terms to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for both your organization and the candidate. We want both parties to feel great about the match and maintain excitement for the hire.

Post-Placement Support and Success Monitoring

We provide comprehensive one year transition assistance and can offer onboarding support to facilitate a smooth integration of the new leader into your organization, ensuring their long-term success through meticulous follow-up and support. We believe the true measure of our success is that the new hire is deeply engaged and achieving their objectives one year post-hire.

Success and Stakeholder Engagement

This meticulous follow-up process guarantees that both parties are satisfied and that the executive continues to achieve their goals, driving your company’s success forward. Our dedication to tracking long-term success underscores our commitment to not just fill positions, but to forge lasting connections that contribute to the overarching goals and success of your organization.

We emphasize the need for stakeholder engagement and feedback throughout the entire process to ensure diverse perspectives are considered, fostering a stronger consensus and alignment on the expectation and fit of the potential executive.

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