Traditional Executive Search Is Broken

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Traditional Executive Search Is Broken

After 16 years of building world-class teams with companies across the globe, Medallion Partners has never been more convinced that traditional executive search is broken. The best people are the answer to today’s biggest problems. And when you’re searching for the right person to fill a job posting, we know you’re really looking to solve a problem. 

The traditional search process of finding and securing executive talent has become slow, ineffective, expensive, and lacks diversity. The world moves too fast. Simply filling vacant roles puts you three steps behind. Forward-thinking brands are building for diverse, engaged, and powerful teams across functions around the globe. This requires a dynamic, strategic, and accurate partner.

You need to hire for the current need while strategically looking ahead to future problems you must solve. It’s also imperative to keep in mind who in your current line-up might be looking to make a move next, either internally or leaving altogether.

Medallion Partners is built to get in your business and think strategically to find people to solve your business problems. We work nimbly and accurately to find talented people you might not have known were out there and interested. We’ve spent the last 16 years looking for a way to do executive search differently. Here are the five main difference makers in executive search.

Difference Makers in Executive Search

The People Business Has to be About…People

Too many search firms are built to get resumes and populate databases. They look to match keywords between the job posting and the resume, and that’s just a numbers game. This leaves you frustrated that your so-called partners lack understanding about the role to be filled and your business as a whole. You might even wonder what ensures the hire is a good fit. More than anything, we get in your business and pinpoint exactly the type of person to solve the problem at hand. We’ll help you build a complete, detailed, perfect-fit matrix of the best person to do the job based on your specifications.

A Partner Fills the Gap 

Over the past several years, you’ve endured a historic job market disruption and evolution. You’re understaffed and doing more work than ever. You don’t have enough time actually to hire well, even though that’s exactly what is needed. We come alongside hiring managers, ensuring they’re successful and meet their goals. You’re tasked with bringing new talent to move the needle and make the difference.

You Must Get Beyond “Culture Fit”

The concept of “culture fit” has long been a hiring consideration, aiming to ensure candidates align with an organization’s existing culture. Looking for a “good culture fit” doesn’t leads to the best results. If anything, it’s lazy way to try to hire someone who looks at today’s problems the way your team always has. Instead, look for a great fit for the purpose of the role, rather than that they fit in with the current culture. Hiring executives who can contribute diverse perspectives and challenge the existing culture constructively fosters growth and innovation rather than maintaining the status quo. 

Diverse Backgrounds Energize and Innovate

 Traditionally, industry-specific experience has been highly valued when hiring executives. However, candidates from diverse backgrounds can bring fresh perspectives and innovation to an organization. Executives outside the industry can challenge the status quo, introduce new ideas, and enhance problem-solving abilities by drawing from their past experiences.

EQ is Invaluable

Technical skills and domain expertise are obvious to look for and easy to measure against. It’s harder to assess whether someone possesses the emotional intelligence necessary to accurately predict the problem, prescribe the solution, and lead people to solve it. Understanding and connecting with others, navigating complex relationships, and demonstrating empathy is crucial for effective leadership. Technical skills can be honed or delegated, while strong EQ is more innate and harder to develop.

Hiring the right people is the key to solving business problems. We know the old methods of matching keywords and building databases are ineffective and fail to consider the bigger picture. Instead, we get into your business, strategize, and identify individuals who can truly address your specific challenges.

Medallion Partners is Your Trusted Partner in Executive Search

Medallion Partners is a true partner in bridging the gap between hiring managers and their goals. We understand the challenges faced in today’s fast-paced world and offer our expertise and resources to support organizations in recruiting top talent.

Our approach goes beyond simply finding candidates who fit the current culture. We seek individuals who align with the purpose of the role, have high EQ, and can bring diverse perspectives to foster growth and innovation. By embracing candidates from diverse backgrounds, we tap into fresh ideas and unique problem-solving abilities.

After 16 years of experience in building world-class teams, we are more convinced than ever that the best people are the answer to today’s most significant concerns. Medallion Partners brings a strategic and nimble approach to executive search, ensuring you find the right individuals who can make a real difference in your organization. Trust us to get into your business, understand your needs, and deliver the perfect-fit profiles for your hiring requirements.

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