Value of Time In Talent Acquisition

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Value of Time In Talent Acquisition


Process and Momentum Are the Keys to Securing the Best Candidates at the Best Value.

Medallion is focused on creating a customized process to maximize momentum for the best talent to participate and be acquired as desired by our clients. At role kick off, Medallion ensures the talent acquisition process and decision making process is clear. This is not to make our job easier. This is to ensure our clients secure the best talent at the best value available. Three values to consider in the “war for talent”.

1) The more efficient the process for the candidate, the more value the candidate attributes to the company and the change in roles.

Think about the value of time to a candidate, especially a “passive” candidate. If a process has six steps and they are paced with interactions over six weeks – to make a decision, to offer the role and start – the candidate will find ultimate value. This means the candidate will be most interested and require the least total reward.

However, for the same six step search process that is drawn out over 12-20 weeks, a candidate will become less interested due to reduced momentum and the value of the role will diminish. The candidate will have less incentive for change, the pool of candidates with shrink, and the best will require more total reward to create change.

2) As time goes on in a search process, the top candidates question the client’s understanding of the market and their ability to make decisions.

Medallion utilizes our extensive industry experience to provide market insights to ensure our clients fully understand the role in the market and the key decision points in hiring the right talent. Our industry experience, networks, and the utilization of the Medallion Matrix provide an objective viewpoint to inform our clients of the best process and specifications to consider. By doing this work prior to a search kick off, our clients can be convicted in their decision process and maximize candidate value.

3) Our client’s Talent Acquisition brand matters. Our client’s employment brand matters.

As Medallion enters the market on behalf of our client, we protect our client’s brand as if it were our own. In fact, our client’s brand becomes our own.

Medallion’s clients have many common characteristics:


Our clients display these characteristics most often in building their roadmaps for new products and services, driving market share, or communicating to the markets. Medallion believes that in Talent Acquisition, time and quality are often lost in valuing the best talent. Medallion provides the quality talent through our process and drives for the hiring team to ensure they maximize value of time spent. A well thought out timeline provides huge dividends to the employer brand for the life of the employee.