Is It Worth Using a Recruitment Agency?

Is It Worth Using a Recruitment Agency scaled 1 Is It Worth Using a Recruitment Agency?

Updated October 12, 2023

Organizations that typically handle recruitment in-house can be hesitant to partner with recruitment agencies. But that reluctance can be costly, depending on the situation.

In-house recruiters play a valuable role. However, they aren’t always the best choice, depending on your goals. For example, if you wanted to hire a new high level executive or niche specialist, an executive search specialist would be your best choice. If you wanted to temporarily increase staff members over a busy season, then a staffing agency could be helpful. 

Depending on your situation, recruitment agencies can dramatically reduce hard and soft hiring costs, provide your company with access to hard-to-reach pools of talent, and help drive better retention, performance, and growth with world-class placements. 

What Is a Recruitment Agency?

Most simply, recruitment agencies are external hiring firms. 

Organizations turn to recruitment specialists to gain consistent, efficient, and cost-effective access to a pipeline of qualified and exciting candidates. This is incredibly important as it becomes more competitive to hire and retain top talent. 

Recruitment or staffing agencies and firms can provide this leg-up to their partners because of their unique positioning in the global talent market. Unlike in-house HR departments with competing priorities, a recruitment agency devotes the entirety of its resources, efforts, and expertise to developing, solidifying, and scaling networks of exciting professionals across industries, specialties, and experience levels. 

Recruiting firms then leverage these connections to find, sign, and onboard ideal fits for their clients’ vacancies. They promote the role, identify pools of qualified talent with promising performance and leadership records, and create short lists of ideal candidates.

Recruiting agencies often elect to work in niches, like block recruiting or executive search, to further refine their networks and strategies to better serve their partners.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Recruiter?

Working with a recruiter comes with many benefits, perks, and advantages. Whether you’re looking for an ideal department supervisor or replacing a member of your C-suite, working with a recruiter:

  • Can significantly reduce time-to-hire.
  • Reduces your recruitment expenses. 
  • Provides access to a broad, diverse, and talented network of potential candidates.
  • Improves candidate quality due to rigorous search, evaluation, and selection systems and technologies.
  • Minimizes the soft costs associated with in-house talent acquisition.
  • Can improve retention in critical roles.
  • Can provide much-needed peace of mind and a return to normal responsibilities for your HR and C-suite teams.

To ensure your experience with a recruiting agency or firm is worthwhile, it’s crucial that your organization carries out due diligence when researching and consulting potential recruiting partners. 

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Agency Recruiting vs Corporate Recruiting

Agency recruiting and corporate recruiting represent two distinct approaches to talent acquisition. Agency recruiters working for recruitment firms bring an external perspective and a broader talent network to the table. They excel at sourcing top talent across industries and often have access to a wide range of candidates. On the other hand, corporate recruiters are internal to an organization and possess an in-depth understanding of its culture and values. They focus on filling positions within that specific company, which can lead to a deep knowledge of its unique needs. While agency recruiters offer a diverse candidate pool and expertise in the hiring process, corporate recruiters provide an intimate understanding of their organization’s culture and long-term goals. Deciding between agency and corporate recruiting depends on the specific needs of the hiring organization and the complexity of the role being filled.

Recruitment Agencies vs. Executive Search Firms

So, what’s the difference between recruiting agencies and executive search firms? Is it worth it to upgrade from a conventional recruiter to an executive search specialist? 

Let’s break down these questions.

As we discussed above, recruiting agencies are external hiring specialists. They may have a niche or specialty, but generally speaking, these firms and agencies take on contracts that include entry-level, intermediate, and early-to-mid-management positions. 

Recruiting firms typically rely on tools like job boards, social media platforms, and regional networks to find well-suited candidates for their partners’ vacancies. 

While these strategies are often highly effective and efficient at lower levels of the organizational ladder, they can be less effective at filling executive positions because of:

  • Complete reliance on the active candidate market.
  • Lack of geographical reach.
  • Lack of specialized strategies and technologies for landing executive candidates.

Conversely, executive search firms exclusively serve the C-suite talent market. 

Instead of diverting resources towards less impactful roles and vacancies, executive search firms devote their energies, expertise, and resources entirely to networking, engaging, and securing executive talent for their partners. 

Their complete immersion in the executive talent market allows executive search firms to access hard-to-reach executives making waves in their industries. These passive candidates can represent the absolute best fit for a role but require a refined touch, strategic engagement, and expert negotiation ability to consider new opportunities. 

The best executive search firms exclusively target these passive candidates to provide their partners with placements that genuinely move the needle. 

How Medallion Partners Helps You Find the Right Candidate

Medallion Partners is a boutique executive search firm that specializes in generating one-in-a-million placements for our partners. 

We’ve diligently built a world-class network of innovative, exciting, and impactful executives operating at the highest levels of their industries. Our global reach and unmatched access to top-tier candidates allow us to generate executive placements that drive performance, transform cultures, and support long-term growth. Our focus on smoothly transitioning hires into their new organizations is one reason why 98% of our candidates are still in their roles two years later.

To learn more about how we help our partners secure world-class executives for their critical leadership roles, contact us today.


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