What Is Executive Level Search?

What Is Executive Level Search

What Is Executive Level Search?

Executive search can be the difference between companies with transformative, industry-leading C-suites and those with lackluster leadership.  

But what is executive-level search? In short, professional executive-level search provides organizations with vacancies in success-critical roles with access to massive networks of diverse, world-class executive talent.

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What Do Executive Search Firms Do?

Executive search firms are niche talent acquisition experts that devote the entirety of their efforts to the executive talent market. 

Executive search consultants and firms invest heavily in developing, maintaining, and scaling global networks of exciting, innovative, and impactful executives across industries, niches, and verticals. Executive search firms also develop and deploy advanced search, screening, and selection tools that empower them to minimize subjectivity in the recruiting process.

These firms use their hard-earned position in the executive talent market and unique search tools to help organizations reliably and rapidly identify, engage, and onboard exceptional executive candidates for critical leadership vacancies. 

What Is the Executive Search Process?

The executive search process should always be strategic, refined, and data-driven. 

We believe that every executive vacancy represents a unique combination of challenges and opportunities. As such, we spend the beginning of our engagement diving deep into our partners’ organizational needs, structures, culture, and vision. Then, we create a talent acquisition process that allows us to generate world-class placements in four simple phases. 

Phase One 

Phase one of our executive search process centers around creating a bespoke talent acquisition strategy for your executive vacancy. We’ll analyze your organizational structure, work value stream, company culture, and similar pertinent variables to build your ideal candidate profile. 

We’ll also tackle essential tasks like: 

  • Addressing diversity, equity, and inclusivity goals.
  • Identifying and connecting with hiring decision-makers.
  • Establishing a hire date.
  • Determining total reward.
  • Selecting search and selection tools.
  • Creating your job description.

Phase Two 

Phase two of our executive search process marks the beginning of the actual search. We’ll begin tapping into our vast networks of executives to promote your organization, culture, vision, and role to uncover live pools of interested talent that fit your position and company. 

After building a roster of executive candidates, we’ll transition into our data-backed evaluation process. Our Medallion Matrix takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of candidate evaluations, using a three-pronged analysis system that examines candidates’ leadership/cultural fit, execution potential, and “hireability.”

We’ll combine the results from the Medallion Matrix with live market data and deep insights into the global talent market to refine our candidate list. Once we’ve generated a short list of world-class executives, we’ll present them to your team to finalize your choice. 

Phase Three

Phase three of our executive search process revolves around successfully securing your chosen candidate. We’ll work directly with your chosen executive to provide crucial transitionary support that allows your new team member to arrive settled, excited, and focused on transforming your business. 

We’ll also launch a final, intensive background analysis that verifies certifications, education, performance histories, and references,         

Phase Four 

Phase four is the final stage of our executive search process. After securing your ideal candidate, we’ll work with you to create an onboarding plan that includes day one strategies to support the professional and personal assimilation of your new hire. 

What Is the Difference Between Recruitment and Executive Search?

Organizations interested in making an informed decision regarding hiring partners should take the time to understand the fundamental differences between standard recruiters and executive search firms. Both have their place. The important thing is to understand when to use a recruiter and when to use an executive search specialist

Let’s review the most impactful differences now. 


  • Use one-size-fits-all recruiting strategies and solutions.
  • Rely on tools like job boards and internal referrals to connect with candidates.
  • Exclusively work with active candidates.
  • Typically fill entry, intermediate, and mid-managerial roles.
  • Leverage local or regional networks to generate placements.
  • Rely on speed and volume to maintain profitability.
  • Typically can fill more roles more quickly. 

Executive Search Firms

  • Create and deploy customized talent acquisition strategies.
  • Leverage hard-earned connections and advanced evaluation tools to identify ideal candidates.
  • Possess the expertise and soft touch to approach and engage exciting passive candidates.
  • Exclusively operate in the executive talent market.
  • Enjoy access to world-class candidates around the world.
  • Emphasize creating placements that genuinely impact performance, culture, and growth.

How Medallion Stands Out In the World of Executive Search

At Medallion Partners, we believe executive search is a business problem – not an HR matter.

Our talented executive search specialists possess the expertise, insight, and access your organization needs to find and sign executive candidates that move the needle and grow with your business. We’re committed to providing “Big 5” benefits for our partners while maintaining an attentive and personalized experience. Contact us today to learn why over 98% of our placements are still in their roles two years later.