Working With An Executive Search Firm 

Working With An Executive Search Firm

Working With An Executive Search Firm 

The War for Talent is on, and organizations that want to scale their sales, build their brands, and gain an edge over their competitors are looking for ways to win it. 

For many organizations, taking the War for Talent seriously has meant upgrading their recruitment processes and strategies. Chief among these upgrades is oftentimes partnering with a reputable executive search firm. 

What Are Executive Search Firms?

Executive search firms are niche, highly specialized recruiting firms. Occasionally called “headhunters,” executive search specialists devote 100% of their time, energy, and resources to accessessing the hard-to-crack executive and specialist talent market. 

Executive search firms’ laser-sharp focus on C-suite and specialist vacancies (like Ph.D. researchers or advanced A.I. developers) creates numerous benefits for their clients, namely access and hard-earned influence with world-class industry leaders. 

The best executive staff firms employ a roster of former executives across a variety of industries, each one of them providing their firm with invaluable insight, reach, and access through their personal and professional networks, memberships, and industry associations. 

Executive search firms’ boutique services also allow them to invest in niche talent acquisition tools that dramatically improve the  objectivity, accuracy, and efficiency of the search process. This leads to faster fill times and more successful placements.. 

What Does A Day In The Life Of An Executive Recruiter Look Like?

Many clients are interested to learn more about the daily operations, responsibilities, and tasks that executive recruiters’ positions entail. 

So, how do executive recruiters go about the search process? 

Many executive recruiters take advantage of the early morning hours by touching base with candidates and clients in different time zones. Another thing executive recruiters spend a lot of time doing is approaching new candidates through phone calls, emails etc.

If they have candidates in their pipeline or an open project on the books, executive recruiters may spend time on tasks such as:

  • Reference verification.
  • Market research.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Candidate evaluations.
  • And candidate presentations.

Executive recruiters will also often spend time working on planning projects with their teams. This could look like:

  • Discussing open projects.
  • Sharing resources, insights, and connections.
  • Collaborating on strategies for challenging clients.
  • Celebrating successful projects and analyzing the tools and techniques that contributed to the placement.
  • Exploring tactics for expanding the firm’s network of top-notch executives and specialists.

When Should You Consider Working With an Executive Search Firm?

The truth is, not every vacancy your organization has warrants partnering with an executive search firm. If your vacancy doesn’t require a rare skill set, niche knowledge, or high-level leadership experience, you may be able to fill the role using in-house or standard recruiters. 

But if your organization wants a transformative candidate with a proven track record of world-class innovation and leadership, you probably need an executive recruiter.

How Medallion Partners Stands Out 

Medallion Partners is a boutique executive search firm with more than 15 years of experience generating top-notch placements for clients across industries. We don’t just help you find the perfect candidate. We also offer transition programs to make sure your candidate settles into the new role comfortably. This is one reason why 98 percent of our placed candidates are still in their roles after two years.

If you’re dealing with a hard-to-fill vacancy and aren’t sure what to do next, contact Medallion Partners today to learn how we can help.