How Medallion Partners Supported Site Turnaround With Diverse Talent and Full-Team Assimilation

Take a look at how Medallion Partners provided exemplary 365-day support for a new hire's first year with a leading manufacturing organization in the southern United States.

“This was one we couldn’t afford to fail. Medallion’s tailored, full-view approach sped up integration so leaders made an immediate positive impact. With Medallion’s expertise in change management and organizational dynamics, the talent come in well-versed in the internal landscape, potential pitfalls, and how to uncover the core issues at hand. We saw faster, better results from our site because we partnered with Medallion.”


$2B Consumer Health


The company’s largest manufacturing site in the deep south of the United States had significantly underperformed despite recent capital investments in physical improvements. A turnaround effort identified a cultural clash between the site leadership and their employees causing inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. The resistance to change from tenured, mid-level leaders further complicated the situation, making it imperative to address the cultural dynamics.

To tackle this challenge, our team acted as executive search consultants recruiting a new site leader. We secured a diverse woman from an industry-leading company and assisted in moving her family to the area. Recognizing the importance of a smooth assimilation into the company culture and effective change management, we implemented a comprehensive program for the new leader and her team.


Medallion Partners ensured the new leader’s successful assimilation and fostered a positive cultural shift by implementing a comprehensive program that included assessments, individual coaching, and an in-house retreat. This work resulted in drastically improved performance, enhanced team dynamics, and a more inclusive organizational culture.

Tools and Tactics

Executive Search
Conducted an executive search to secure a highly qualified and diverse site leader, driving a more inclusive leadership team with new perspectives.
Strategic use of assessments enabled the company and the new leader to align their goals, identify strengths, and address potential pitfalls, ensuring her success in the role.
Relocation Transitions
Our transitions program helped the family plant lasting roots in the small community – including helping find a home, enrolling in schools, and even finding extracurricular activities for her children.
Team Assimilation Program
A strategically designed team retreat and individual coaching were instrumental in fostering a fresh, new cultural dynamic, harnessing the strengths and talents of the new leader to drive positive change in the organization.



Days from Search
Kickoff to Accepted Offer


Diverse Candidates Presented


Months of Executive Coaching and Leadership Retreat Support


Medallion Partners successfully recruited a highly qualified and diverse site leader, fostering an inclusive leadership team and cultural transformation. Through coaching and a strategically planned retreat, Medallion enabled the leader to establish connections, drive positive change, and enhance team cohesion, significantly improving performance and organizational excellence.

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