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Executive search and organizational strategy services in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas in Southwest North Carolina. Charlotte Medallion Partners also provides leadership assimilation, talent transition, and specialized talent acquisition services.

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Our Charlotte executive recruiting team gets to know your business to provide you with specialized results that meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’ll work efficiently to bring high-quality talent to the table to fill your executive and specialized positions with skilled applicants.

We provide executive search, organizational strategy, specialized talent acquisition, talent transition, and leadership assimilation services to businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas in Southwest North Carolina.


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Let us solve your toughest talent challenges with careful strategy, custom evaluation, and guaranteed delivery for your organization.

What We Do

Medallion Partners is an organizational advisory firm specializing in executive search. We build diverse, engaged, and powerful organizations that deliver bottom-line growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Executive Search Expensive?

Typical executive search fees are around 20-30% of the candidate’s first-year salary. While it is a significant expense, it’s worth it to get the most qualified talent and avoid the costs of ongoing recruitment and employee training expenses. Our Charlotte talent acquisition team at Medallion will help evaluate your needs and provide you with a custom quote. 

What Types of Roles Do Executive Recruiters Fill?

Executive recruiters can help fill roles for elite leaders and specialized talent. Elite leadership positions can include CFOs, VPs of operations, national sales directors, and directors of engineering. Specialized roles can include agronomy advisors, product development engineers, marketing managers, VMware cloud architects, and more.

What Industries Need Executive Search?

Any business in any industry that needs to fill high-level roles will benefit from an executive search. Whether you’re in medical, financial, aerospace, technological, agricultural, or other industries, our Charlotte talent acquisition team at Medallion can help with your needs. 

What Is the Executive Search Process?

The executive search process will involve establishing search priorities, determining the appropriate strategy, attracting and evaluating candidates, presenting the most qualified talent for interviews, and completing the search once a hire has been made. Our team will provide you with a detailed and custom overview once we get to know your organizational needs. 

Insights on Executive Search

Sharing learnings from the experienced staff at Medallion Partners, utilizing our relationship-first approach to talent acquisition.