How Medallion Partners Used Year-Long Transition Services to Lure Elite Talent from a Fortune 10 Contender

Learn how Medallion Partners helped a global leader in life sciences outduel a Fortune 10 company for a top-level candidate with year-long transition support.

“Thanks to Medallion Partner’s Transition Services, our relocation was shockingly stress-free. With a dedicated point person taking care of every detail, from scouting the perfect schools for our children to assisting my partner in finding a new job opportunity, we had a trusted partner guiding us which made it much easier for me to accept my new position.”

EVP, President

$4B Life Sciences


Our multi-billion dollar client was the underdog in a fierce battle with a Fortune 10 company to hire a highly sought-after business leader. Medallion Partners planned a highly personalized family visit while recruiting was in full swing.

Understanding the leader’s specific needs and family considerations, we organized a city tour, scouted home options, secured interviews with private schools, and assisted her trailing partner in finding local employment. Further, Medallion recommended healthcare providers, introduced local resources, and promised to serve as a single point of contact through the yearlong transition.

This customized care made the leader comfortable relocating, leading them to accept our client’s offer over the prestigious Fortune 10 opportunity. By prioritizing the candidate’s and family’s well-being, our client fostered loyalty, reduced the stress of the start, and enhanced their market reputation.


Medallion Partners prioritized the leader’s specific needs, including family considerations, and offered customized personal support and comprehensive transition services, which ended in the candidate accepting our client’s offer. Our tailored, yearlong approach facilitated a smooth relocation process, solidifying our client’s reputation as a trusted employer committed to attracting top talent.

Tools and Tactics

365-Day Concierge
A dedicated, single point of contact to oversee and manage the entire relocation process greatly reduced stress and enhanced immediate impact job performance.
Market Introduction
Ensuring the candidate had all of the salient connections within their new market, Medallion Partners offered critical analysis, data comparisons, and personal introductions.
Family Support
It is difficult for a candidate to thrive in a new position if they’re worried about the impact on their family. We offered unmatched, yearlong support to family members as they make the new city their home, too.
Community Engagement
A holistic assessment of their needs and considerations identified various resources and connections, including social clubs, home services, and professional networks for each aspect of their life.



Days from Search Kickoff
to Accepted Offer


Key Contact for Personal
and Professional Transition


Day Family
Relocation Support


Medallion Partner’s Transition Services will offer exceptional relocation experiences for your top talent, addressing every need with personalized attention. From city tours to school interviews and ongoing support, we leave no detail unattended, fostering loyalty and trust while positioning our clients as employers of choice.

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