How Much Does Medallion Partners’ Executive Search Cost?

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Our Most Asked Questions series will familiarize you with Medallion Partners and clarify anything you might be wondering for your complimentary consultation, deciding to work with us, and kicking off our partnership.

In executive recruitment, the fine print often muddies the true cost and value of search services. At Medallion Partners, we understand that what you need is a transparent, ROI-driven approach that aligns with your strategic hiring objectives. Our pricing model is crafted to provide just that, ensuring you can anticipate the investment and return without unwelcome surprises.

Despite being a high-end boutique firm known for our high-touch customer experience, Medallion Partners has consciously structured our executive search services with clear, competitive pricing. This approach ensures that we can offer a genuine partnership to our clients, blending bespoke service with accessible costs.

Traditional Executive Search Firm Pricing

When it comes to traditional executive search firms, the financial commitment is not always straightforward. Typically, these firms charge a third of the total all-in first-year compensation of the placed candidate. This includes 33.3% of the base salary, expected annual bonus, and any sign-on bonuses. Administrative fees, which can reach up to 12%, are often added on top of these percentages, leading to a substantial financial outlay. 

This model can escalate costs quickly, especially for high-caliber executive roles where bonuses and other compensation variables play a significant part. These percentages may seem industry-standard, but they can obscure the true cost of a hire until the process is well underway. 

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Price of Working With Medallion Partners

Medallion Partners diverges from the conventional executive search pricing with a model that’s as exceptional as the candidates they place. Their approach is more transparent: 30% of the candidate’s base salary, period. Unlike the standard practice, Medallion doesn’t stack fees on top for bonuses or sign-on incentives, fostering a clear and predictable cost landscape.

What sets Medallion apart is their comprehensive suite of services, encapsulated in the Medallion Matrix, Transition Support, and Assimilation Assurance, all included without additional charges. These offerings are not merely line items but integral parts of our cohesive search strategy, ensuring a seamless integration of new executives into your organization.

For those seeking a deeper level of engagement, Medallion offers a Full Assimilation service for an extra fee. This goes beyond the initial placement, supporting the executive’s successful embedding into the company’s culture and workflow, which is crucial for long-term success.

In an industry where clarity often takes a backseat to complexity, Medallion Partners stands out by prioritizing straightforwardness and value in our pricing model.

Benefits of Medallion Partners’ Cost Structure

The straightforwardness of our pricing model eliminates the guesswork and unpredictability often associated with executive hiring costs. With no hidden fees for bonuses and a flat rate for base salary, you can plan your talent budget with precision.

The real value, however, lies in Medallion’s inclusive transition and assimilation services. These are not add-ons but foundational elements that guarantee a smoother leadership transition. By investing in and assuring the success of the candidate well beyond the hiring date, Medallion ensures that their executives don’t just fill a position—they excel in it. This approach not only eliminates the risk of a bumpy start but also fosters a long-term impact that can drive your organization forward.

Medallion Partners offers a pricing structure that’s straightforward. It’s a partnership that respects your bottom line and equips you with all the tools for a successful executive integration. Reach out to explore how our model aligns with your business’s leadership acquisition strategy.

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