Michael Morgan, Managing Director

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Michael Morgan has worked for billion-dollar multinational corporations, as a startup CEO/founder, and now guides executives through large-scale change, either in developing their companies or their personal careers. As Managing Director of Medallion Partners, a boutique organizational strategy & executive search firm, he leads the delivery of executive search and organizational strategy that help solve the toughest challenges in talent.

Medallion Partners

Since our inception, we’ve steered hundreds of organizations towards unlocking billions of dollars in market value, by finding them the best executive talent to tackle their biggest goals.

In that time, our own footprint has also expanded. We boast a nationwide team dedicated to addressing the evolving demands of contemporary companies. Throughout this evolution, we’ve continuously introduced innovative services designed to expedite change and provide unwavering support to new leaders during their crucial first year.

Today, our mission is to aid businesses in tackling their most formidable strategic hurdles, all by focusing on the paramount catalyst for transformation: people. Whether it’s navigating digital transformation, fostering innovation, scaling, or cultivating a vibrant organizational culture, we guide both businesses and professionals through change by aligning the right strategy, roles, and talent to deliver success.

The future is promising for Medallion Partners, as we remain steadfast in offering distinctive and inventive solutions for navigating business transformation. In the coming years, our focus will be on organizational strategy, particularly in markets where change presents the most significant challenges. Above all, our commitment is to foster an ecosystem of career management and organizational excellence where individuals not only thrive but also flourish.

About Abby Marshaus

7e4f30a7f6f0cd324150454914e1c426?s=90&d=mm&r=g Michael Morgan, Managing DirectorAbby Marshaus is known for optimizing operations and driving organizational growth. With an MBA and strategic acumen, Abby excels at crafting and executing cross-functional operational frameworks. Her expertise spans organizational development, talent acquisition from board to senior executive leadership levels, career management, and fostering innovation through connection. Abby is Hogan-certified with a track record of delivering impactful results.

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