People are your most important decision. Do not simply “hope” for results.

Medallion 5 People are your most important decision. Do not simply “hope” for results.

05 Jun People are your most important decision. Do not simply “hope” for results.

The more unique the talent to meet the business requirement, the higher the acquisition cost. “Purple squirrels” and “hard to finds” are our favorite challenges as executive search experts. The salary or title does not determine unique talent at the top of the pyramid. The talent required to meet a specific business challenge is driven by a competitive opportunity, geography, or skillset that accessible talent pools might not have (internal, referral, or actives).

A Ph.D. in China, a breakthrough Sales Lead in Atlanta, a President for Capital Equipment in the US, a Pharma General Counsel in the Northeast, a global Vaccines Manufacturing expert, a sales coordinator for a start-up, or a CRM developer with a heads up approach may all be “hard to find.” Medallion treats every search as a “hard to find,” where market research and scoring of critical skills allow our clients to win.

The biggest mistake we see: companies will use an active process to secure “hard to find” candidates. Many of our clients will use active processes for the first 4-10 weeks, hoping a “purple squirrel” will wander into their active process. The best talent, who are happy and doing well, will not simply walk into the active process. 99% of Medallion placements are from passive processes and have never heard of the role before Medallion contact.

If people are your most important decision, do not “hope” for results. Ensure results by allowing Medallion to provide a holistic view of the market and the best talent to meet your business requirements. Medallion guarantees results and works with your current talent acquisition team to provide a holistic market view.

Note: All Medallion clients have a fantastic recruiting team in place. Medallion compliments these internal teams with our unique processes to allow the organization to win either “passive” or not easily accessible talent. Medallion is our client’s “SPECIAL FORCES” in the war for talent.

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